Posted by: donmihaihai | November 6, 2010

Bull market, bear market and the sucker

This is a short one.

We know what is bull and bear market but what about the sucker? well, generally I am that sucker because I have not get throw out yet.

The great recession ended in 2009. Oh what a short one. The bull is back and running. Please show yours hand if you are not making money(easy money)… Ignoring those shorter(short seller), I see no hand.

Forums are busy, blogs are busy and there are lot of traders, speculator, investors and of course the most “outstanding group — value investor”. Oh value investor, if you are here and reading, I don’t know why you are reading because in case you don’t know, my gun has always being pointed toward self-claimed value investor. Why? Because the target is so big that I can hit it without taking aim.

Bull market suck people in, bear market throw them out. How many of them can last through cycles? Looking around, the activity level is higher and the market is sucking people in again. Look around again, old faces are still around, but lesser. Well, maybe the great recession had not done it job of throwing out suckers. That mean it is likely that this bull is going to run further and higher. Hold tight and enjoy the ride with me.

I can still remember it was a different world when I started. The market was slow, activity level was low. Everyone look new(I was worse). For all kind of reasons, I could hardly find a investor that faced the Asian crisis and tech bubble. I had never ask why back then but I think I know why now.

The time will come again. No, no this is not a prediction. I don’t know when and don’t know how but I know I will entered into a period in the future where almost everyone is new again. Or maybe I won’t as I get to see it as I get sick of forum and blog.

I am the sucker not because the market is sucking me but because I am sucking the market and couldn’t let go.



  1. I had a while ago thought about the 21st century “investors”. They put their money in the stock market and then write about them on the internet. They come and they go, the suckers I mean. Those who had ridden the Asian Financial Crisis, in general, are too old to write blogs and visit forums. So, *we* the young suckers of the stock market, pledge ourselves to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our self interests – young boys and men, girls and ladies.

    • Hi,
      Young man don’t presume oldies are “out”.
      Started investing in 1987/88 @ the age of 40 till now.
      Still survive quite well.
      In fact investing in SGX. EX. becomes my hobby.
      And believe me I monitor the stock prices daily.
      Which is not recommended for young investors.

  2. It is a surprise that we are so young. Even those i thought are older are young.. Going to be a long road ahead..

    They can’t be too old. Maybe they are thinking about the same thing if they read my blog—- i will be throw out. Haha

  3. Hey, are you refering to me? Too old to blog ah?

    Asian Financial Crisis, I was there too.

  4. Hi oldies I won’t. The ratio of oldies vs young man in AGMs is telling.

    I have already taken your recommendation. Monitoring stock price daily is a waste of time.

    • Hi donmihaihai,

      Monitoring stock price daily will usually tempt young investor’s to buy or sell more often than necessary.
      Being young you are usually “more emotional”.
      Please don’t believe me.
      Oldies sometime fall into the same trap too, even though we are suppose to be “less emotional”.
      Ha! Ha!
      Some oldies are as emotional as the young ones too.
      But seriously, sometimes I “KK” trying to make some coffee money on buy/sell rotational play.
      On paper, it looks easy after monitoring rotational play result.
      On practical, I found that it is usually not worth it and quite difficult.

      Anyway because of “unpredictability of the market” (due to fear emotion), I have sold about 30 % of my portfolio.
      So you see me, one of the oldies is actually emotional here;selling 30% because of fear.
      Please don’t believe me if I say, “Oldies are less emotional than the younger ones”.
      Ha! Ha!

  5. I am a sucker because I’m too young not to have experienced the Asian Financial Crisis 😡

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