Posted by: donmihaihai | May 7, 2011

GE 2011

Results are announcing while I am writing(or after).

This election is something new for us as almost every eligible Singaporean can vote. This well created something special to us because I think we finally have a say on who will be running Singapore.

This is the 3rd election where I am eligible to vote and I have voted twice. I can still remember the my 1st voting experience. I was happy just because I am eligible. And I voted for PAP. No question asked and PAP seem to be the “right” party to vote as I was a young man who is happy with my life in Singapore. What more can I ask?

My 2nd eligible election was a walkover. Great as I told myself because it was a waste of time to vote. But it was during that election that I witness the anger and unhappiness of Singaporean around me. But I was getting used to it as it is impossible not to notice it. But I was surprise because why are they still voting for PAP? It is something that I don’t understand back then. I was a young man still and life in Singapore is good as my expectation is pretty low. As long as the ruling party is not blocking my way I will be happy.

7 May 2011 was the 3rd time I am eligible. Life in Singapore is good as my expectation is still pretty low and I have not change much in my thinking as I will be happy if the ruling party is not blocking me in my life. But before election I knew that I will be voting this time and I am right. It is hard to get it wrong because of the voices around me. I was thinking should I vote with my heart or my mind but that was a waste of time because I knew I will vote with my mind. As it turn out I have wasted my time thinking about it because the opposition in my GRC submitted incomplete application forms. No question asked and I voted for PAP again because I am not going to vote for peoples who do not take time, affort and care to do the most basic thing right.

I do not enjoy politic and do not like the whole thing about PAP and opposition. In fact I use opposition because this is the most accepted word around not because I like it. To me, whether it is PAP or opposition, it or we belong to an ecosystem. Hopefully in the future which is unlikely, I have a chance to say I vote for Tan Ah Beng or Lim Ah Seng.

I do not attend rallies because I have better thing to do. I hate it when PAP lorry drive past my block because it is noisy and representing one of the worse kind of hmmm…. “propaganda”? I don’t know if I am using the correct word but most of the time politic is always about “misleading” especially during election time.

Lastly, life still go on but I will be sad to see George Yeo being voted out. I think he is very capable guy and someone I would like see ruling Singapore. But I think in election, everyone is just another tool which include voter. Can he be invited to be part of the government if he lost in this election?

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