Posted by: donmihaihai | April 13, 2014

Selling and the outlook is bad for a lazy person

LHT Holdings Limited.

100% sold.

Reasons for purchase were simple. LHT Holdings Limited was a cigar butt approach. The company is recovering from a long down turn and is beginning to invest in their business after lacking for years. Should sell earlier but got catch up by the improving of their numbers. Nevertheless, LHT Holdings Limited is my best cigar butt with a gain of about 100% in 3 years.

ARA Asset Management

99% Sold.

Left with some odd lot and going to dump them aside for annual report.

ARA is changing. Just when more and more bees are surrounding ARA, the company is getting more and more risky. In short the seek for growth is putting this company into lot of risk. Would love ARA that is growing at a single digit.


90% sold.

What is ride! Started reading Sarin when share price dropped below $1 after a very good IPO. First purchase made around $0.60 and last purchase below $0.30 during crisis. Share price did not stop dropping until just below $0.10. Now Sarine is trading at around $2.50 post bonus issue. From a paper lost of >80% to a multi baggers.

What change in the business? Of course Sarine is getting more recurring income but recurring or not, this company is still a big fish in a small pond and look like it is getting a little bigger than before.

Still like the company but not share price.

Straco Corporation

Sold some.

Business is still the same but valuation is getting rich.

Outlook is bad because the price is rich and the pool of companies I am looking at is small because I am lazy. Selling some of the best companies I ever owned is telling because it is almost certain that there isn’t any chance of buying them soon. They are the angels flying high in the sky. I don’t buy angel. I buy throw away.

I see many angels up in the sky. I see throw away too but their businesses are not as good. I must throw away my laziness and start looking at company that are neither angel or throw away. They might be the next throw away and some of them have better businesses.

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