Posted by: donmihaihai | November 2, 2016

Financial PR and what I avoid

Financial PF subsidiary Shanghai Shihua Financial Information Service listed in Beijing OTC stock exchange. Doing pretty well to get listed but what kind of business is investor relationship?

Hate it when company engaged company like Financial PR. Or should I love it. Basically what it try to create can be summary as below.

The results: A share price performance of 184% year to date, which is more than any company can hope for.

Nice pop! Who doesn’t like it? Ask Swiber, what will happen to Swiber if it got such a pop post announcement of almost a billion of project? Some companies might be desperately need that pop. By hook or by crook………..

Back to investor relationship business. It will be interesting if Financial PF gained a reputation for “effective communication” or “performance investors relationship” without getting any spotlight from regulatory. And this is not the result of one or two “star player” but many star players and can be re-created if one left just like investment banker. Financial PF will be a very interesting company if this is the case.

I am always trying not to get sold by listed companies. Financial PF is one of the tool. Names that appeared in are companies I would not look into. But I read those articles, trying to get how they are selling. My feel is NextInsight is doing pretty well as selling these companies.

Other than NextInsight, I feel the best when the company I am looking at does not appear in The Edge Singapore, BT, valuebuddies & SG investment blog.

When will I kick this habit of checking and reading valuebuddies and SG investment blog? They do not serves the purpose anymore.

NextInsight, The Edge Singapore and BT are a must. They provide the news, interviews and most importantly gossip.



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