Posted by: donmihaihai | April 8, 2018

Watchlist. It is all wrong.

Spot a stock here. It is in the forum with good ongoing discussion. Nice, gonna check it out.

Spot another stock there. It is in the news with good prospects. Nice, gonna check it out.

After checking, I will either invest in them or put in my watchlist. Here it goes, two more stocks added. I am investing and searching for stock is my job.

The research is about going around figuring out which stock has the potential then maybe take a look at the financials. Well, the fact is for most, it doesn’t really matter much what the financials gonna say. Decision already made when a stock being spotted.

Not true? Well how many stocks you have not either buy it or put in watchlist after seriously looked at it?

It is about anchoring. It is about saving time.

If a watchlist is about a list of good companies then isn’t the 2nd filter more stringent than the 1st. 2nd filter should filter away most that got pass the first.



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