Posted by: donmihaihai | April 12, 2018

The hearing has no bite

MZ hearing in US Senate has no bite. Got bored fast.

Not a fan on any of these or neither do I care much.

It was fun when Shanmugam was doing it with SM. Not just fun but effective. Just not a fan on how he did it.

The whole saga or series of sagas is easy. It is not going to change FB in term of competition or platform. In fact, it might actually strengthen FB or the existing providers competitive advantage. But there is a cost. Regulation.

For FB, it is not the question of whether there is a cost, it is a question of how much the cost will be. And what the regulators want will not be aligned with FB. Cost will not be a big concern to them.

Internet created by sort of sharing communities in early years. We don’t pay for anything unless we want to but nothing is free.


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