Posted by: donmihaihai | March 23, 2020

Oh the market 2

Never like it more when the market keep dropping and in red. I am buying anyway.

I don’t know how far the market will drop or where is the bottom.

I don’t know how far the share price of co. I am buying will drop or where is the bottom.

I know that banks will yield a double digit(teens) return when buying below 1x BV and the yield increase with decrease in price. And I want this as long as I am buying.

I know that my each buy is lower than the previous and some of the co. I am buying is yielding double that of banks and I am looking to buy more.

The market is not there to guide me but serve me.

I know that when I lose money, it will be because I have made a mistake in evaluating the company. I have failed many times and will fail again.

I write this because I hope that retail investor is able to see what they know and what they don’t know.

Lastly, to anyone who try to give me advise. I don’t know who is the smart guy out there and who to listen so why listen? I do know that if he is that smart, he will be at minimum siting on big gain shorting STI from recent peak to now. Ok now I will listen.

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