Posted by: donmihaihai | December 3, 2021

Platform, Ecommerce and Dairy Farm

The hardest part of JMH is Dairy Farm. It used to be that supermarket and health and beauty product are decent businesses when run well. It has changed in the recent years with the surge of e commence platforms. Even dinosaur like myself has been buying stuff online(not a lot!). Yeah, it is easy, just a few clicks. But I am a stupid shopper who would just take and pay in a retail outlet so my opinion on these platforms doesn’t really count. But if the world around me shifted, I would shift. No doubt about it but I prefer to not shift because I would need to learn new stuffs. I am keen on learning my kind of stuffs and shopping is not.

E commence is where the money is and being valued at incredible valuation which mean money are flowing to this pot.  With these money, these platforms are swimming naked in a huge tide of money. They are fighting among themselves, fighting against the old retail chains, fighting against just any shop, within or cross border by offering every kind of merchandise at cheap price. 20 years after internet bubble, this is the real assault against physical shop and just like my shift if needed, any shop that refuse to change will be replaced. There is no sorry, these shops are part of our culture, we need to keep them. Capitalism is not charity.

But I don’t think it is that easy to say these platforms, or this or that platform is the winner, or the future is so certain. With the old dinosaurs making the shift when face with change or die choice, and platform keep popping up, anyone with some business sense will be able to see how good they are with little competitions. So, don’t you think that everyone wants to operate some kind of platform and what is stopping the entrants?

Platform, platform and platform, the coolest word around, there are many fake and lousy platforms. How many unique are out there? Just a handful maybe. I don’t see a world full of platforms. Well, my mind always switch off when I read article that say how unique their platform is, etc etc. You don’t need to “sell” me how great is your platform, everyone will know it because it is the nature of thing. And if you are the future unique, I am just not able to figure it out.  

I also do not see a future where a handful of companies control e commence around the world. It just doesn’t make sense. If it does, shopping in the future is very boring. Heng I am not a shopper…..  

This is not a place where I want to place my bet because all I see is blood, blood and blood (competition, competition and competition). Aggressive competition is usually good news for consumer but might not be so for companies and Dairy Farm is part of it. The good thing is Dairy Farm is not elephant enough when I am looking at JMH.

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