Posted by: donmihaihai | March 27, 2022

Back to normalcy

Not yet but getting close.

From the moment we know that the vaccines are not elixir but still damn good vaccines and greatly reduce the fatality rate of a highly transmissible Delta, the only logically move is take the vaccines and let Covid pass through us, count the losses and move on. I don’t see any other way out unless someone created elixir and I am glad that my government realised and move toward it after roti prata a little. Nobody will get it right all the time, in fact I believe able to change after knowing it is a mistake matter more than brain.

Covid doesn’t scare me, even without vaccine but I doesn’t want to count the losses. What scare me more during this period is the hatred, the you, me, west, east, we did well in handling the covid but not you, etc etc. I think it is getting quite boiled and not sure if it will get worse before getting better.

If the east and west, China and US, Chinese and US doesn’t know how to work together, live peacefully, then it is not a bright or happy future. I am Chinese, seeing all the anti US sentiment coming out of my fellow Singapore Chinese mouth, make me wonder when did we go so low. If the other fellow doesn’t move, why can’t we take the first step.

I am hopefully. Seeing everyone around me adapt and live with measures from my roti prata smart government say we can change, for the better.

As for Covid, the end game will always be back to normal. No mask, no vaccinated status check and free to travel. Yes we need to pull the anti vax group back as well. If there is no new dominant variant, omicron is actually helping us alot, just think for a second if delta is still the dominant variant…. And yes, China will be the first country to start the abnormal life and last or last few to get out because its government doesn’t know how to roti prata.

The first thing to do in a shit hole is stop digging.

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